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Wyndham Profits

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (WYN): Lodging Industry Set to Reap Huge Profits

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (NYSE:WYN) is perhaps the most profitable firm in the timeshare business because it has made the market a key component of its strategy. As a result, the company earns higher margins than most other companies in the timeshare business.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (NYSE:WYN)’s real strength is its attention to shareholder return. The company has repurchased a significant number of shares over the last few years and management recently increased the dividend. Shareholder-friendly management is one of the key reasons why Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (NYSE:WYN) could be a good investment over the next decade.

On June 12, 2013 Wyndham Worldwide Corporation’s (Wyndham, Wyndham Hotel Group) announced the rebranding of the former Hotel 71 in downtown Chicago. the 334-room Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront.  ”Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront  is a new Premiere Property.

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation continues to be competitive against other Timeshare Developers such as Marriott Vacation Club International, Sheraton, Starwood Resorts, Bluegreen Resorts and Diamond Resorts International.

There are plans to expand in many locations that are not currently tapped into such as downtown Chicago.



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Wyndham-Shell Merger

Stated by ZDirect Drives Big Data
Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Shell Vacations LLC, aiding one of the most independent and largest vacation ownership clubs and groups involving property-management in North America,
profit big rewards from the survey pilot launched in cooperation with Arizona State University and ZDirect. Using predictive analysis, Shell Vacation Hospitality 2013 Logit Study determined the consumers’ willingness to pay for vacation rental attributes, such as additional kitchens and bedrooms based on the demographics of the guest. Exceeding their expectations with 10,000 recipients responding and generated $100,000 in room revenues.
Shell Vacations Hospitality enrolled the expertise of Big Data specialist ZDirect which shared an email survey created by the Arizona State University to drive intelligence for revenue managers. The email was intended to learn more about the customers’ value vs. their perception of price. Recipients who answered eight simple questions received 20 percent off their next visit at a Shall Vacations Resort.
“By partnering with ZDirect and ASU to initiate the pilot survey, Shell Vacations Hospitality was able to learn far more than originally intended; they not only understand future booking probabilities, but they know how to structure questionnaires that get big results and drive big revenues,” said Shayne Paddock, ZDirect CIO. “This project is proof that people are willing to provide information, they just need an incentive — and nothing extraordinary. Shell Vacations Hospitality was already offering a 20 percent discount through other channels. By asking very real questions, rather than hiding behind a lot of marketing smoke and mirrors, and being honest and upfront as to why they were requesting the information, they produced a huge amount of intelligence. The icing on the cake was $100,000 in room revenue they never would have generated if it wasn’t for this effort.”
Using the project to determine the viability of the survey method used by academics Dr. Timothy Tyrell, Professor of tourism Economics at Arizona State University, found that by using the ZDirect and a logit framework was able to retrieve the information needed by asking only eight questions. If the logit framework was not used, Tyrell says it would a taken hundreds of questions to achieve the same results.
Dr, Tyrell said “Electronic surveys are here to stay.” “If structured properly, desired results can be easily attainable. Key to survey success is found in the incentive. If the offer is good and the information you are inquiring about is of interest to the recipient, and they are connected to electronic media, the response rate will soar. The pilot survey conducted for Shell Vacations Hospitality is proof of that.” ZDirect’s Paddock concurred.
“The pure science used in this study is cool, but the enormous number of surveys completed was unprecedented, and it resulted in statistically significant data that can be easily replicated and used for future analysis,” Paddock said. Shell Vacations Hospitality told us that they anticipated around 1,500 responses with the standard three-percent click-through return. The results were remarkable. Shell Vacations Hospitality, today, is adjusting its price points for premium units based on their customers feedback.
“Just think of the possibilities if a hotel company set out to learn five new things about their customer through a quarterly survey such as this,” Paddock said. “Hotel companies, together with ZDirect and hospitality’s finest universities, could truly change the way eMarketing and Big Data are impacting the bottom line.”
According to the University of Arizona would be delighted to collaborate once again with ZDirect on future surveys from hotel company’s.
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The Truth About Timeshare

The timeshare industry changes on a daily basis.  Big developers buying out smaller developers, several “points” programs, etc…

Stay tuned to timesharetruths.com where owners go to get the most updated information about the timeshare industry’s current trends, bylaws, etc…